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Jeff Allen

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Jeff is a through and through car guy and host of the iTunes podcast “Skidmarks Show" and previous host of “The Car Chasers” on CNBC.  Owner of Flat 12 Gallery, a boutique collectible and high-end dealership and build facility that has had 100’s of unique builds, movie cars and celebrity owned rides under its roof. More info at: Flat12Gallery.comDoes your ride have what it takes to impress the best?

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Grand Prize Winner
1991 Ferrari F40
$1,000 winner
Grand Prize Winner
" Is your ride a true champion? A car that's absolutely remarkable? Enter now, claim the Grand Prize ($1000) and be immortalized on MCG Concours forever " Read More
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About MCG Digital Concours

MCG Digital Concours is a virtual car show hosted by My Classic Garage. At the end of the judging period (usually associated with a major car event), a celebrity guest judge will pick a Grand Prize Winner, who will be awarded $1000 cash, bragging rights and a front-and-center feature spot for the next period. 6 Additional winners will also be chosen, one for each of the 6 MCG Hobby Segments (Classics & Vintage, American Muscle, Hotrods & Restomods, Sports & Exotics, Trucks & Offroad, and Imports & Tuners.) Each of these winners will win an MCG Detail PailMCG Hobby Segment T-shirt and SWAG from our celebrity judge. If you've got a car that you're proud of, now is your chance to show the world and win awesome prizes in the process!

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September hobby segment winners

Each Hobby Segment Winner Receives a Professional Detailing Products MCG Detail Pail, MCG Swag and a spot on the winner's page for the upcoming contest.

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